Alex Valcu

I'm a regular guy that's always ready to help

Passions: A mystery in history

Why ESN: Another mystery, meet me and you will findout

Vice President

Vasile Bogdan Bujor

Internally ignited by technology and business. Curious by nature, seeking to help and associate with good people and opportunities. Eager to learn, often funny and always ready to roll.

Passions: photography, technology, finances.

Why ESN: I chose to volunteer in ESN after my time in Lithuania as an Erasmus student. The way the volunteers there treated us made me want to contribute towards building a caring and united community back home.

Treasurer & interim Parterships Manager

Robert-Ionuț Sima

I consider myself a funny guy who gets his good vibes making other laugh.

Passions: Mascots. Hobbies: I like to learn new things, to travel and try new dishes from all around the world

Why ESN: I chose to be an volunteer after I came back from the Erasmus mobility, because I liked the way they helped us back there, the bond between the volunteers was amazing and I think the fact that they met new foreign students each semester was the main reason I am here

General Secretary

Gheorghe Valentin-Constantin

I am a friendly person, I like to try new things and I have a lot of fun.

Passions: Currently my passions are technology, travel and food.

Why ESN: I chose to be a volunteer within ESN because I wanted to help other people, get to know new traditions and cultures and learn about other nations. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge.

Buddy Manager

Blaga Daniel

I am an open, tough usually quiet sort of guy, always open to learning new things and taking part in new experiences.

Passions: Video game history, Drawing, Graphic Design and Coding

Why ESN: I chose to be a volunteer in order to meet and get to know people from all corners of the earth, and from all walks of life.

Communication Manager

Aleksandra Starovoitova

I love to get to know new people, networking and non-formal education

Passions: sarmale (da, very few words)

Why ESN: The reason to join was a desire to help foreign students. The reason to stay is a huge network of amazing people.

Events Manager

Dumitrescu Valentin

Hi! My name is Valentin, more often reffered to as "Vali" and I'm a huge extrovert.

Passions: I love video games, stand up comedy, talking to people, public speaking and many other things that you may find on your own.

Why ESN: The reason to join was a desire to help foreign students. The reason to stay is a huge network of amazing people.

Web Admin

Olaru Valentin Daniel

Some people knows me as Good Vali

Passions: Games, talking to people, green technology, robotics, finances

Why ESN: I love being around people from all over the world, to have a huge network, and to challenge myself. As an Erasmus student in Lithuania, I found it very difficult to speak with people, I was very introverted, and my English wasn't good. My initial motivation for volunteering was to interact with foreign students, but now I want to be a part of the ESN Pitesti family and grow the next generation of volunteers.