Pitesti is a city located in southern Romania, known for its industrial and commercial activity. As a new Erasmus student in Pitesti, here is some relevant information about the city:

Location: Pitesti is located in the Arges county, about 120 km northwest of the capital city, Bucharest. It is easily accessible by car or by train, with regular connections to major cities in Romania.

University: The city is home to the University of Pitesti, which offers a variety of programs in fields such as engineering, economics, law, and education. It is a modern university with well-equipped facilities, including a library, a sports center, and a student center.

Culture: Pitesti has a rich cultural heritage, with several museums and galleries showcasing the history and art of the region. The "Dinicu Golescu" County Museum is a must-see for history lovers, while the Art Museum is a great place to admire local and international art.

Entertainment: The city has a lively entertainment scene, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines and drinks. The "Trivale" Park is a popular destination for outdoor activities such as jogging, cycling, and picnicking.

Transportation: Pitesti has a good public transportation system, with buses and taxis available throughout the city. The city also has a train station that connects to other major cities in Romania.

Cost of living: Pitesti is a relatively affordable city compared to other European cities, with reasonable prices for accommodation, food, and transportation. Students can also benefit from various discounts and special offers.

Climate: Pitesti has a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. The summer months (June to August) are usually sunny and warm, with temperatures averaging around 25°C-39°C, while the winter months (December to February) can be cold and snowy, with temperatures averaging around 0°C, in a bad scenario -15°C.

Overall, Pitesti is a welcoming city with a vibrant student community and plenty of opportunities for cultural and social activities. As an Erasmus student, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture, meet new people, and make unforgettable memories.